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Intuition - A Magical Women's Circle Intuition - A Magical Women's Circle

Intuition - A Magical Women's Circle

Intuition - A Magical Women's Circle

A unique women’s circle for increased presence and self love in an intimate, supportive and inspiring atmosphere.
Intuition, sixth sense and inner knowing or gut feeling - what are your thoughts on intuition? How can you open up and support your third eye/6th chakra?
During the evening we share our own experiences of intuition and enjoy a long guided meditation journey for total relaxation and connection with our innermost being.
You are welcome just as you are and no previous experience is necessary as each evening is adapted to the needs of the group.

During the evening we explore:

- Sharing circle - Where are you right now? What does intuition mean to you and what are your needs?
- A deeply relaxing and beautiful guided meditation journey to your innermost being specifically created for this evening.
- Light stretches and soft yoga/dance movements.
- Group exercises to increase presence and connection, self love and gratitude.
- A brief introduction to crystals supporting Intuition and a small gift to take home!
- Closing sharing.
- A pdf with journaling promts and tips.


Welcome as you are beloved sister!


Date: Monday November 22nd

Duration: 18:00-20:00. Please be on time as we start at 18.00.

Good to know:
The space is limited to 10 women to ensure an intimate atmosphere with space for everyone to share.

Please bring a journal and a pen, a blanket or scarf for your comfort and an open mind and heart.

This event is hosted by Emeli Ericsson, founder of {a conscious space} and professional intuitive, conscious designer and meditation teacher. You can follow her here http://Instagram.com/linaemeli


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